Petty Gods Revised & Expanded Update

Richard LeBlanc of New Big Dragon Games Unlimited announced this morning that he has personally taken over the Petty Gods Revised & Expanded crowdsourced community project. The original project had been developed by Peter Gifford and James Maliszewski. After a version of that project was released by Greg Gorgonmilk who was looking to develop the new ongoing version of the project as an expanded and revised version of the publication, Richard became involved. Richard is now knee-deep in the project, including adding new artists and a new design and layout for the product. The final book will include around 300 petty gods and be formatted similar to other New Big Dragon Games publications, in the style of Labyrinth Lord, and have around 275-300 pages of content (sample below). Delivery on the publication will hopefully be December 2014.

Sample of the new Petty Gods Revised & Expanded layout.

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