Map Monday: The Mountains of Kaban Hexcrawl

Deep in the heart of the Outlands, the Mountains of Kaban are spoken of in hushed tones and fearful whispers. The great dragon that sleeps at the heart of the volcano and gives its name to the mountain is said to be able to hear whenever its name is spoken aloud. Those who have its attention drawn upon them are said to have one rising of the moon left for life as the creature travels to wherever they may be, appearing before them in the guise of someone who they once loved and lost before it slays them. This is why today people speak only of The Mountains. And, of course, the great treasure that the dragon has allegedly amassed within its lair deep in the volcano. The treasure brings the greedy, the covetous, the ambitious. Adventurers.

The Mountains of Kaban Hexcrawl is presented to readers of OSRToday as part of an ongoing series. Over the next few weeks, OSRToday will be populating the individual hexes for The Mountains and posting them for you to use. Hexes will be given with detailed information about what can be found there and how they relate to other hexes. There will be tables, encounters, and new monsters. Towns and keeps will be described, and the multiple dungeons that are available to adventure within will be shared with new maps. Oh, and the dragon’s lair itself might just make an appearance… There’s no real scale given in the map here, to allow for various scales of hexes to be used, but there will be an “official” scale given when the first post detailing the hexcrawl goes live later this week.

Of course, you should feel free to ignore any and all of these entries and add your own elements to the map if you want. After all, much of the fun of making doing a hex map is in making up your own stuff. And then making your players go through it.

Clicking on the image below will take you to a large 300dpi image that you can download.

The Mountains of Kaban Hex Map OSRToday

The Mountains of Kaban Hex Map

Once the full hexcrawl is fully detailed on OSRToday, there’s a good chance that it will be repackaged into a full publication and released for sale in a print and POD format with new artwork and maps.

The hex map itself was built in Illustrator using the excellent Havenland symbols available from Glynn Seal/MonkeyBlood Design. It’s a bit of a hatchet job, but Glynn shows some of the great work that can be done with the sets via a gallery on his site. Glynn is also a regular contributor here on the OSRToday site.


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