The Monolith of the Mamba Men

Alasdair Cunningham of the Iron Rations blog is taking part in developing one of the Hexes in the Tenkar’s Landing sandbox setting and brings us the Monolith of the Mamba Men – a huge rock that stand at the heart of the Mamba Men village,  covered in moss, skeletons and the shorn skins of Mamba Men. Many more of these monoliths lie scattered through the swamps, albeit smaller, but just as evil. But it is the largest one that is watched over and protected by these vile creatures. Alasdair has provided the background and statistics for the Mamba Men, unholy half-human and half-serpents, and where they can be found. In another post, he also gives a table with 100 items on it that may wash up on the shores of the Hex, with some interesting results on it.

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