Niru: City of a Thousand Sorrows and the Ancients & Aliens Campaign

Nick Peterson has posted on the excellently designed Niru: City of a Thousand Sorrows at his blog Of Dice and Djinn, a city that is part of his ongoing open table Ancients & Aliens campaign game that runs every other Thursday night at the Armored Gopher store in Urbana, IL. The campaign has been running for some time and Nick has been writing up session reports on his blog, along with sharing a number of custom Labyrinth Lord classes for play, including Amazon HuntressesJedites, Elfulans,  Ratlings, Halflingons, Primitives, and Star Trek inspired Orionixies.

Updated November 6: Corrected the meeting times for the campaign to every other Thursday.

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  1. Nick Peterson November 6, 2014
    • Teh Bagder November 6, 2014