The Hidden Tomb of Slaggoth The Necromancer, free to download OSR module

The Hidden Tomb of Slaggoth The Necromancer, available from Papers & Pencils, is a free, quality system-neutral OSR adventure from Nick Whelan and Adrian J. Stone. A low-level adventure, it’s fairly compact in 14 pages of content, and originally started life as a map by Stonewerks (Adrian J. Stone) that inspired Nick to write a dungeon around it. After continuing discussion, rather than just a keyed map what eventually developed was a full adventure. The adventure is truly system neutral, with no stats for monsters or NPCs encountered, so there’s a little additional work needed to run this, but it looks like a very fun adventure that could be great for one shots or a couple of evenings of play to introduce new players to old school games.


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  1. AJ Stone November 5, 2014