Underland Terrain Types

Konsumterra has come up with another great set of tables at the Elfmaids and Octopi blog, this time for the Underland location in the Psychon setting and for use with helping populate some parts of the crowdsourced Tenkar’s Landing sandbox. There’s two tables here, with the first one giving ten different types of quick terrain, and a second table with one hundred extended entries including great entires like:

25 Transparent slime mould growing rampantly over area

47 Rubble of ancient city with remaining intact buildings and walls, possible degenerate residents

83 A slime covered land of mould, lichen, gelatinous goop, oozes and other disgusting horrors

These tables are ideal for players who discover some sort of device or item that takes them to a far-off place, or creates some sort of catastrophic effect upon the land. Players tend to do that sort of thing.

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