Table Tuesday: Encounters in the forest

Table Tuesday is upon us again!  You’re wandering in the forest and encounter something. But what exactly is it? And what does it do to you?

Table 9: Encounters in the forest

Roll Result
1 A pool of uncannily still water sits in the center of an open area in the forest. Those who stare into it and pass a WIS check by rolling 1d20 under WIS feel a great burden removed from them and if wounded receive 1d6 HP of healing. Those who fail the WIS check feel a burden placed upon them. Any who roll a 1 on the WIS roll attempt to drown themselves in the pool, which becomes deep enough for them to be completely covered by as they enter it.
2 The forest becomes suddenly magically dark around you beyond thirty feet, the zone of darkness seeming to follow you no matter where you go. This zone lasts for 1d6 turns, and ends as abruptly as it begins.
3 You come across an open area within the forest that is completely and utterly silent. Sound doesn’t travel across the threshold in either direction, and there seems to be no explanation at all for the existence of such an area. Within the area, there is a feeling of immense calm. Every turn spent within the area restores 1 HP of health.
4 The ghostly visages of 3d6 elven-faced sprites long passed from the world float in the air outside an moss-covered barrow mound. The door to the barrow is completely clear of moss, dirt, or other detritus and shines in the moonlight. Elves may open the door and enter. Any non-Elf who enters the barrow will find themselves attacked by the sprites. At the bottom of the barrow, at the end of a twenty foot path, is the skeleton of an Elf in repose upon a throne of petrified wood, wearing ornamental Elven Mail +1. Any non-Elf wearing this armor will suffer Cause Light Wounds every round until they take it off – it is to be worn by Elves only.
5 Stumbling blindly through the trees, you come upon a groupof 2d4 treants mourning the loss of another 1d3+2 younger treants. Theyounger treantswere killed by:1  Fire
1  Fire
2  Fungus
3  Smashed to pieces
4  Cut apart by axes
5  Acid
6  Eaten by insects
6 A thin four-foot wide stream cuts across your path, but it is no ordinary stream. Any attempt to cross it by foot fails as the stream changes course and shape immediately underfoot.
7 An Elder Spirit of the Forest grants you an audience, and you may ask one boon of it. Selfless boons will come true with an added boon for the requester, while selfish boons may or may not but will certainly create complications for the requester in some way.
8 A scurry of 1d6+1 Squirrelmen accost you! These 2HD tree rat bastards are vicious and won’t back down until they’ve relieved you of all of your valuables. They move 120′ (40′) on the ground and 180′ (60′) when climbing and leaping. They have a vicious bite that does 1d6 damage and they wield thornswords that do 1d8 damage that also cause 1 hp bleeding each round each wound until the bleeding is stopped. They have AC 6 [13].
9 The remains of a bandit camp lies here covered completely in thick silk spider webbing. Cutting into the webbing allows the searching of the camp, which indicates that all the bandits have been taken, although their loot has been left. There is a 25% chance that disturbing the webbing will summon 1d3 giant spiders. The spiders are hungry.
10 You come across a group of Deep Forest Mossmen deep in the middle of a very private religious rite where they are peeling off large parts of their mossy skins and laying them down on the ground to re-patch areas that have been recently damaged by a storm. The entire area you need to traverse is covered in such growth. Any attempt to watch on the new forest floor of moss will be met with the Mossmen being very upset, which may include them attacking. Deep Forest Mossmen: HD 4, AC 4 [15], MV 90′ (30′), 2 attacks Limb Fists 1d10, SV F2.

Look out for a new table next week!


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