Crown of Qthuken available via Lulu

Sean Wills has released his first publication, the Crown of Qthuken, for the Pits & Perils game. This 14 page module costs $4.46 on Lulu, and is a toolkit for adventurers of level 4-6 where the god Qthuken has arisen to terrorize the New World lands of the Vinlandic tribes. Pits & Perils is published by Olde School Rules and is available via Lulu in print for $12.99. It can also be purchased in PDF via DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL].

Lulu is currently running a coupon that gives 20% off all print products until November 5, 2014 with the code READ.

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  1. Sean Wills November 4, 2014