Treasure Vaults of Zadabad pre-order now live

Stormlord Publishing have put up a pre-order for their newest Dungeon Crawls Classics RPG product The Treasure Vaults of Zababad in a print/PDF combo for $15.00. A 44 page hexcrawl, it includes plenty of material to take characters from 1st to 2nd level, as well as 30 new monsters, 11 new magical items, 19 fixed encounters, 7 mapes, and 5 original pieces of art. Like other releases by Stormlord Publishing, the cover is kraft cover stock, while the internal paper is premium parchment paper. As an additional bonus, those who pre-order will also receive a coupon that gives an additional 50% off another order, good until the end of 2014, on any other items in their online store.

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