Lesser Gnome The Last Sentinel Limited Edition First Printing now shipping

Lesser Gnome are currently shipping pre-orders for old school module The First Sentinel which plugs into the Whisper & Venom setting; there are a small number of copies still available to purchase of the first run of this module, which is for 3-6 players of character level 3-5, 16 pages in size, written for Labyrinth Lord, and costs $25. Like the previous old school module that was released, A Bird of A Feather (which is now sold out), this module also comes complete with a miniature that relates to the adventure, this time a Nexid. Also included is a full color 11×17 map insert by Alyssa Faden showing the location area¬†as well as the original Whisper Valley, and artwork Lloyd Metcalf on the reverse of the detachable cover. ¬†Shipping is available worldwide.

Lesser Gnome’s second Kickstarter, Death & Taxes, is currently running and will be until November 20.

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