Eyes for your fantasy games via Tekumel and FATE

At the Fate SF blog, there’s a fantastic listing of 12 different types of Eyes that you can inject into your games, whether they be fantasty, science fiction, horror, or some sort of mix.  What are Eyes? As the blog post says, quoting Professor M.A.R. Barker who created Tekumel, eyes are “[d]evices surviving from the ancient and glorious days of high technology…” and this makes them ideal for injecting all sorts of weirdness and strangeness into your games. While the post is written for use with FATE [AL] and talks about Stress Tracks and Consequences, there’s nothing that really is mechanically challenging in using them with non-Fate games: simply assign some sort of damage to be rolled (such as 1d6 fire damage and being placed on fire).

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