DungeonScape for D&D 5e shut down

This morning it was announced by Trapdoor Technologies, who were creating the new character generator called Dungeonscape for Dungeons & Dragons 5e, are shutting down the current version of the tool, effective noon MST October 31, 2014, giving little more than 24 hours notice of the shutdown to current users. DungeonScape was previously hyped by Wizards of the Coast and Trapdoor Technologies as “Codename Morningstar” before release and

promises to also offer a customizable character sheet, adventure management, party communications between players, as well as options for online or offline play. (The Escapist)

With the shutdown of DungeonScape this means that current version of Dungeons & Dragons has no digital tools to support it. The lack of digital support from WotC, including the release of their current product line in PDF format, has been something that a lot of gamers have been talking about over the past several months. Third party publishers who want to support the game are also waiting to hear on an official license to support the game, but a number have already utilized the OGL to create supporting materials without the full blessing of an official license. It’s possible that WotC have changed their minds regarding their original digital strategy and may be releasing content in a manner more expected by the community, or they may have chosen new partners to work with with tools that already exist and have a user base.

Below is a screenshot of the full text from Trapdoor Technologies this morning:

TrapDoorTechnologiesD&DCharCreatorShutDownFullStatement OSRToday

During Gen Con 2014, Russ Morrisey of EnWorld sat down with Trapdoor Technologies to talk about them and their future plans, shown in the video below:

EnWorld is reporting the same news of Trapdoor’s closing.

Update: Wizards of the Coast posted the following yesterday on their site:


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