BrigadeCon 2014 first online convention on November 15

The RPG Brigade will be hosting BrigadeCon 2014, their inaugural online convention on November 15, 2014 over Google+ Hangouts. Registration to attend the convention is free, and there is a free goodie bag which will be given away to those who choose to register before November 1st. The video embedded below also includes details of some of the items being given away to attendees, which includes copies of Runequest 6, Heroic Maps floorplans [AL], and even signed copies of the new Star Wars RPG games.

While many of the games are more recent and not OSR, there are a number of games being run that may be of interest include Dungeons & Dragons 5e, GURPS, Call of Cthulhu, and Palladium Fantasy. There are a number of panels at the convention that may be of interest to creators including some on publishing, monsters, and worldbuilding. The full schedule is available online.

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