Make your own dungeons with Project Neath

UK-based MonkeyBlood Design, a contributor to this site, has launched their long awaited Project Neath, which allows you to use 3d model components in Google SketchUp to build underground dungeon models.  The components for Project Neath can be purchased from MonkeyBlood’s online store, and are on sale for 20% off until Sunday Oct 26th, making them £12 UKP instead of £15 UKP.  Creation of photo drawings from SketchUp files, just as MonkeyBlood Design creates can be done with a program called Visualizer, which costs $19.99.

If you’re interested in seeing the full range of components and product details there is a free PDF for download which explains it all. There is also a PDF tutorial that explains how to use components.

There is a two versions of Google Sketchup: the more advanced commercial-grade version that comes with all the bells and whistles and a stripped-down version for personal use that is free called SketchUp Make.

There are also some free components available for you to download and try out before you buy.




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