Table Tuesday: Rare Ingredients for Magicks

It’s the return of Table Tuesday!  This time we bring you rare ingredients you need for performing that magic spell or ritual. Some of these are much more rare than others to find…

Table 7: Rare Ingredients for Magicks

Roll Result
1 A rat king that has been force-fed 2,000 copper coins and then had their mouths glued shut.
2 The tears of a banshee.
3 Individual body parts from 12 different trolls, all in various stages of regeneration.
4 The heart of an honest politician, ripped from the chest while fighting for the rights of the downtrodden.
5 The sword arms of a band of warrior Halflings.
6 A mixture made from desiccated tree dryad and the blood of a water nymph.
7 The brain of a goblin that has learned what it is to be truly human.
8 The upper cervical bones of a Gold Dragon, the collarbone of a Red Dragon, and the tail tip of a Black Dragon.
9 A relic consecrated by both Law and Chaos and wielded by someone who believes in neither.
10 Something from another world similar to this one, but which was born elsewhere.

Look out for a new table next week!


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