Lesser Gnome launch second Kickstarter Death & Taxes

Lesser Gnome have launched their second Kickstarter project called Death & Taxes, which aims to follow in the vein of their previous highly successful campaign Whisper & Venom. Death & Taxes is a complete boxed set adventure for 4-7 players of level 4-6 and comes complete with adventure guide, map by Alyssa Faden, and two starter miniatures. Stretch goals unlock a number of other miniatures, both small and large, including harpies, hydras, and other creatures. The premise of the new adventure is that a tax collector has come to the area and is putting the squeeze on locals in an attempt to reclaim the abandoned mansion of a noble family who has fled the area. Things don’t go as planned though…

While the focus of the campaign is on the boxed set and there are multiple backer levels at which you can get improved stretch rewards for the box set, just like the previous campaign there is a hardback only option for backers as well as a limited time option of an 1970s-era style gatefold module of the entire campaign. If you were unable to back the previous campaign and get access to the high level rewards that it offered, you even have the ability to have a two-fer and get one of the few remaining Whisper & Venom Deluxe sets remaining that have not been purchased for Whisper & VenomWhisper & Venom was nominated for two Ennie Awards in 2014 and was highly commended, and was also a finalist in a closely contested Three Castles Award at North Texas RPG Con 2014.

The Death & Taxes campaign has a low initial funding amount of $8000, and will be running until November 20th, 2014, ending just before Thanksgiving here in the United States.

Below you can see the rewards I received from backing the previous Whisper & Venom campaign. Missing only from this picture were a few goblin miniatures that were delayed in production and which I received a few months ago. Also included in this was the follow-up Bird of a Feather module, which is available at the Lesser Gnome store as a PDF (the first run print is currently out of stock).


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