Can a DM Cheat?

Matt Finch responds to a question posted online about whether a DM can cheat, in the context of using the power of a GM to overrule players and take on too much power so that players are disempowered while playing games. Matt concludes that there are cheap shots that some GMs can take that ruin the game, but there’s some interesting comments that continue the conversation, as well as commentary by Robert Fisher on a blog post.

If you’ve listened to the first episode of Tenkar & The Badger, where Matt Finch was the guest, this was a topic of conversation that was brought up slightly with the design aspects of later versions of Dungeons & Dragons, but in the very-soon-to-be-released-but-very-late* second episode of the podcast that has Harley Stroh as the guest, the topic of Rule Zero and GM control is really strongly addressed.

* Real-life health/family issues have gotten in the way of my releasing this but I’m hoping to have it out by this weekend.


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