The D&D B-Series Modules and how they link together

Johnn Four of Roleplaying Tips has written a great series of posts looking at the B-Series of Dungeons & Dragons modules. Although TSR originally produced a compilation publication for B1-B9 called In Search of Adventure , it actually created three distinct pathways that you could take so that you didn’t experience all of the modules unless you ran through it multiple times, and many players may only have explored some of the modules in this great series. Johnn does a great job in his series summarizing each of the modules and talking about some of the great elements that appear in each of the modules, touching on themes that GMs can use not only in these modules but in others.

The articles in the series covers:

  • Modules B1-B3 (In Search of the Unknown, Keep on the Borderlands, Palace of the Silver Princess)
  • Modules B4-B6 (The Lost City, Horror on the Hill, The Veiled Society)
  • Modules B7-B9 (Rahasia, Journey to the Rock, Castle Caldwell and Beyond)

The B-series are all available to buy in digital format via DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL].

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