New zine Mystic Pangolin Issue #1 released

New zine Mystic Pangolin has released its first issue in print and has set the bar particularly high for future releases.

This UK-based zine has been in the works for some time and releases not only with the main zine of 28 pages but also a 24 page pull-out adventure called The Reliquary of Thazar Zul, and a large foldout A3 size map of the area for play.  Additional content includes using hobo signs in games, details on how to use casks and barrels in games, the ore port of Haeford, and tables of books and scrolls. The content is written for Swords & Wizardry, but is easy to use with other systems.

The zine and pullout are available only in print, but you can choose to either get the A3 map in either PDF or a print. To allow you to do this, and to cope with the vagaries of the UK postal system, there’s a helpful ordering page that gives all of the options for ordering it. You can order via multiple mailing types to allow you to balance speediness of delivery versus cost.

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