Joseph Bloch talking “What is the OSR” at Metatopia 2014

Joseph Bloch, owner of BRW Games and publisher of Adventures Dark and Deep [AL] and the Castle of the Mad Archmage megadungeon [AL] will be presenting a discussion at Metatopia 2014 on the topic of “What is the OSR?” to designers and publishers.

Metatopia is a gaming industry professional and designer convention where the tables are flipped and the focus is on the games designers rather than the players. Although the schedule hasn’t been released for the convention yet, the convention itself will be taking place in Morristown, NJ over the weekend of November 6-9. More details can be gathered from the main convention website, including the rather large list of industry professionals and guests. The guests of honor include Kenneth Hite, Avery Mcdaldno, Jason Morningstar, Will Hindmarch, Rick Loomis, and Julia Ellignboe. Registration opens at 6pm on November 6. Pre-registration costs $90.00 for designers, and $20.00 for players for the convention and is open online until November 2, 2014.

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