Castles & Crusades TV Pilot Kickstarter

Ken Whitman and d20 Entertainment, who have recently launched kickstarters to develop RPG-related television show projects for both Knights of the Dinner Table and Traveller RPG, has teamed up with Troll Lord Games to put together a television pilot based in one the main setting of Castles & Crusades campaign world of Airhde.

In this pilot television show, Sir Juergan adventures in the Blacktooth Ridge solving crimes for those who need it. The Blacktooth Ridge is the setting for the A series of adventure modules [AL], the massive campaign from Troll Lord Games that covers the return of an evil to the land of Airhde that must be destroyed.

The Kickstarter is looking for $5,000 to fund initially to create what is known as a sizzle reel, or an 11 minute sample of potential content for a full pilot. As additional stretch goals are unlocked, the pilot changes from a sizzle reel to an actual television length pilot of different sizes as the stretch goals are unlocked. Pledge levels include a signed and numbered leatherbound copy of what is called the C&C “basic rule book” which would be the new and updated color Players Handbook but in a custom leather cover for this campaign with an adventure included in the back covering the events of the pilot. There are only going to be 50 of these special copies made, all applied to the higher levels of pledges starting at $200 or above which come with other perks such as scripts, editing rights, or even being an executive producer.

OSRToday previously reported on the quality improvements on the new printing of the Castles & Crusades Players Handbook back in June.

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