Jason Sholtis’ new monster blog: They Stalk The Underworld

Jason Sholtis, author of the Dungeon Dozen and OSR artist, has started a new blog that lists fearsome monsters and entities, some of which he has hinted at in the many entries in the tables that he has produced.

The new blog is called They Stalk The Underworld, and will:

…warehouse my ever-growing list of dubious creatures and malevolent entities, including many of the weirdos and creeps hinted-at in various Dungeon Dozen entries

The first of these creatures is the Tyrannoclops, or the T-clops, a fearsome creature that shoots red, green, and yellow eye beams from its huge eye in the center of its face/head. Entries for monsters look to be system neutral to allow GMs to be able to scale and tweak monsters as needed to their own campaigns, which makes them just as easy to defeat or as deadly as a GM needs.

The Tyrannoclops

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