Dragon Union allows you rules variants for your old school games

Dragons are one of the iconic races that appear in most fantasy games, but it’s rare that you get the opportunity to actually play them as a class. With the English language release of Dragon Union,¬†you don’t get any closer, but you get the opportunity to play your old school games with a very distinct set of rules changes that changes the flavor of your game.

Written by Nestori Lehtonen and published through D-oom Publishing, Dragon Union is a 36 page supplement for old school systems that not only provides character classes, but also rules for confrontation and monster behavior, and a set of rules for all seven basic classes. Also included is alternative Elf magic. The title is available PWYW via both DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL] with a suggested price of $5.00.

Update December 1, 2014: The post has been updated to reflect that this supplement does not allow for the fact you can play dragon characters using this supplement.


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