The Citadel Logo and its artist

Realm of Chaos 80s takes a look back at one of the most recognizable logos of a bygone age in miniatures: the Citadel Miniatures LTD logo.  The history of the logo and its creator Albie Fiore is explored, as well as the history of the company from luminaries such as Tony Ackland and Bryan Ansell (who founded the company and then eventually bought over Games Workshop).

In the UK during the 80s, the two main forces in miniatures at this time were Citadel and Grenadier with the former supporting Games Workshop and the latter seemingly supporting everyone else. Eventually Citadel and Games Workshop merged later into one company, which was around the time that White Dwarf really changed into a complete house organ for Games Workshop products. It’s nice to look back at Citadel when it was its own company and have a trip down memory lane.

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