Narcosa, crowdsourced wild setting, now available

Rafael Chandler and Neoplastic Press have released Narcosa, the product of a crowdsourcing effort on Google+ recently that aimed to gather together content of a very different nature, free via both DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL]. The technicolor treat is 104 small format pages in size and also comes with a large color map (shown below). Rafael describes it best on a post on G+:

Will you seek your fortune in Hashishastan? Will you gather the silk of the Mindmoth Caterpillar? Is it your destiny to join the Ecstatic Order of the Five Pleasure Plagues? Should you ingest those Troll Poppies?

Enter the weird world of Narcosa, a land of Shroombies, Drug Trance Mages, Purple Pipeweed, and hallucinogens injected via Stirge needles.

Born of a hashtag, emerging like rainbow-hued smoke from the minds of dozens of creators, Narcosa is a crowdsourced setting book for old-school games.

A grayscale version of the book will be coming soon, as will the ability to buy a print copy via


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