Slumbering Ursine Dunes Kickstarter launched

Hydra Collective have launched the Slumbering Ursine Dunes Kickstarter, which is a Slavic themed sandbox adventure for Labyrinth Lord and other systems. The adventure has been developed by Chris Kutalik and is based on part on the long-running Hill Cantons campaign which has been adapted to make it more accessible to a broader audience. The Kickstarter is being run to raise money to pay for updated art and cartography from David Lewis Johnson, who recently released Grandpappy Cromdar’s Whizbang Zoo! and did all of the artwork for it too. All backers get immediate access to the work-in-progress PDF version of the product, which is has enough content in it to be able to run immediately.

The adventure itself is written as a pointcrawl rather than a hexcrawl. Read-aloud text is presented in italics and non-read-aloud text, although terse, gives plenty of information on how to link each of the adventure areas and rooms with each other. There are a number of new creatures added to the Bestiary at the end of the document, and as you’d expect in a product using the word Ursine in its title, there are a number of bears in it including ones that you can play with the War Bear class! The Kickstarter campaign will run until October 15th, 2014, with stretch goals are focused on enhancing the sandbox aspect of the product.

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