Revelry in Torth Kickstarter

Venger Satanis of Kort’thalis Publishing and Draconic Magazine has launched a new Kickstarter to publish the first product that will be set in the Torth setting. Revelry in Torth is to be the first in a trilogy of products, 21 pages long, and will focus on adventurers of levels 1-3. The adventure is a dark sandbox that evokes “Conan-esque sword & sorcery, just a hint of scifi, and very little gonzo”.

This is the second Kickstarter that Venger has pursued, the first being The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence. Unlike that project, this one is being published under the O5R banner that Venger has been using to label a lot of his projects, which he states means that it is suitable for OSR and 5e games. If you missed out on the previous Kickstarter, you can pledge at a level that includes the product from it in this Kickstarter.

Something that Venger is doing different than many other publishers is offering, for a small fee, lifetime GM support via email for created products. I’m a little dubious of this, because it seems a little like a cash grab for a service that few may take advantage of, particularly as the support is almost the same price as the actual product itself.

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