Time of the Dying Stars, a City of Dolmvay novel Kickstarter

Pete Spahn, of Small Niche Games [AL], has launched a new Kickstarter centered around the City of Dolmvay, which itself had a product developed and released via Kickstarter. Titled the Time of the Dying Stars, the crowdfunding effort is to fund the first of a trilogy of novels that take place in the city, and which will eventually be released as PWYW to non-backers of the project, and almost all of the content will be released as Open Content. There are a number of stretch goals in the project including a special illustrated edition of the book in PDF and print, and a full length adventure. One of the very cool things being done with the Kickstarter is that those who already own some of the rewards can opt to have alternates from Small Niche Games’ product lines. James Spahn (no relation to Pete) of Barrel Rider games is supporting the project by providing a number of his Labyrinth Lordbased character classes [AL] to those who pledge more than $60 to the project. The project has almost met its funding goal of $500 already.

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