Table Tuesday: Mysterious cloudy potions and their properties

It’s another Table Tuesday!  Sometimes players end up getting mysterious potions that they don’t quite know the properties of. The only way to find out what they are is to either get a really powerful magician to identify it for them, or to drink it and see what it is first hand.

Table 7: Mysterious cloudy potions and their properties

Roll Result

A potion of Coolness. The drinker of this becomes the most cool person in the room for the next 1d4 days. Every social interaction they have with another character allows them to add or subtract 1d6 to any roll they need to make a roll. It also makes them say “Ayyyyy” a lot.


Contains the magical urine of a merman transformed into a potion that allows the understanding of any type of aquatic speech for the next 1d4 hours.


A potion of Transmogrification. Roll on the following tables to find out what parts are transformed and for how long:

Part of Body:

1   Whole body
2   Upper Torso
3   Lower Torso
4   Arm
5   Leg
6   Body
7   Both arms or both legs (1-3 arms, 4-6 legs)
8   Head

Transformed into:

1   Crustacean
2   Arachnid
3   Draconic
4   Goblinoid
5   Avian
6   Elemental

For how long:

1:   1d6 hours
2:   1d12 hours
3:   1d3 days
4:   1d8 days
5:   1d4 weeks
6:   Permanently

4 A potion of Pain Transference. For the next 1d6 hours whenever the drinker takes damage, it is transferred to someone else near them instead.
5 This cloudy potion is nothing more than ground up chalk dust in water. Blerg.
6 A potion of Tall Tales. For the next 1d6 days, everything the drinker says must be embellished in the most extreme way as if they are telling the tallest tale in the land.
7 A potion of Intensity. For the next 1d8 hours, all attack bonuses and damage bonuses that the drinker has are doubled, as is their base movement rate. The bad news is that all damage taken by the character is also doubled.
8 A potion of Doppleganging. Drinking this causes a doppleganger of the drinker to peel from the original drinker’s flesh to become its own entity. The doppleganger has all of the same attributes and abilities as the original at that moment in time. Clothes and gear are not replicated. Roll 1d6. On a 1, the doppleganger has no memories at all and is a completely blank slate. On a 6, the doppleganger is chaotic and will attempt to kill off the other one and take the original’s place as soon as it is able to without being detected.

Look out for a new table next week!


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