Dungeon of Crows Part 2 PWYW Megadungeon released

Daniel J. Bishop has released the second part of his Dungeon of Crows megadungeon as PWYW, and it joins the first part on both DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL]. The Avatar of Yog Sutekhis contains areas 29 to 52 and the western half of level 1, which is also in Part 1 [AL]. There’s a little touch of Lovecraftian horror in this part of the megadungeon. Daniel has set the suggested price at $2.00 for each part of the megadungeon, and will continue to develop the dungeon as long as there is sufficient interest in it.

I find this a really interesting model for the development and release of a megadungeon, as most megadungeons usually are already developed multiple levels deep already to allow for cohesive design. I’m very much interested in seeing how this serial releasing works for Daniel and wonder if more creators will attempt to publish in the same way.

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