Comparison of TSR D&D between first and last versions

D. H. Boggs has started an awesome research project at the Hidden in Shadows blog: comparing the changes between the first and last versions of the TSR versions of Dungeons & Dragons. The material covered will be from the woodgrain OD&D box all the way up to the “black box” edition of D&D released in 1994, also called The Classic Dungeons & Dragons Game. The work is planned to be more practical than exhaustive, but there’s going to be a lot of content to sift through as there were a lot of versions of D&D released during TSR’s existence.

This is the type of scholarly research into games that I myself have a great deal of interest in, and I can’t wait to see what is unearthed with this. I have a rather old work-in-progress project that I need to revisit that started mapping the D&D family tree with regards to the versions and the D&D-alikes; I’m missing some of the newer products that have come out in the past couple for years and I need to change some of the criteria and relationships.

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