The Forged: Dwarfs of a different cast for your 5e and other games

If you’re looking to shake up  Dwarves in your game, look no further than Pearce Shea’s excellent Forged, which he has posted on his games with others blog. Written for the newest edition of Dungeons & Dragons but easy to use with other versions or D&D-alikes, it changes the way that Dwarves exist in the world and has them be spirit-imbued flesh-cast creatures that are born in giant city-sized Forges that are protected fortresses with a number of potential powers. Even in a “normal” setting, introducing the Forged creates an almost alien-ness around them that can make for some very interesting gameplay; how does the world react when the first Forge materializes from nowhere and the first Forged step from it?

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  1. Pearce Shea September 6, 2014