Frog God Games launches Quests of Doom adventure book Kickstarter

Frog God Games, based on feedback during the recent Necromancer Games Kickstarter for 5e compatible products that was just launched and successfully funded, have followed through and launched a Kickstarter project to release the adventure book from that campaign for both Swords & Wizardry and Pathfinder. The 18 adventure book is estimated to be around 300-325 pages in size and a little pricier that the 5e version because it includes all the adventures from Volumes I and II of the book rather than just Volume I. There are few stretch goals, but true leather books are in there at $40k. It should be noted that Frog God Games do stitch-bound hardbacks not glued hardbacks, which is why the pricing on their books is a little higher than some others; this is a commitment to quality that Matt Finch has talked about on the Tenkar & Badger podcast.

This sounds like a fantastic product and deal for OSR gamers.

Also, the Risks and Rewards section of this Kickstarter is just brilliant:

Less likely risks include but are not necessarily limited to: (1) one or more asteroid(s) making violent contact with the planetary crust, and causing a dust cloud blanketing out the sun; (2) a direct meteor strike on a Kickstarter-related production facility, including but not limited to computers, power stations required therefor, alien overlords thereof, and other potential but unknown un-, sub-, or supernatural forces required for the operation of Kickstarter, Amazon, their controlling entities, the controlling entities, thereof, and ultimately the Illuminati or the Knights Templar, as applicable; (3) invasions or incursions in force by cannibalistic humanoids and/or morlocks traveling in time, leading to disruptions in urban transportation, offloading, and/or dispatching operations; (4) printing operations initially tasked to the Kickstarter’s fulfillment being diverted to production of bodice-ripping romance novels, teen vampire romances, or refrigerator user manuals; (5) various individuals up and down the production chain being struck individually, sequentially, severally, or simultaneously by train(s) and/or other such devices; (6) no members of the company have admitted to being in a tontine, so there’s that; (7) disappearance in Amazon rainforests by employees, subcontractors, or freelancers of Wizards of the Coast LLC, whether or not related to those rumors concerning dinosaur rodeos and actual owlbear experiments; (8) Ebola goes aerosol: kiss it all goodbye, people; (9) rust monsters loose in the metal; (10) tectonic shifts; (11) Greenwood captured by fans for extended bacchanal; (12) time-travel paradoxes instigated by third parties; (13) the wrong butterfly flaps its wings in the wrong damn place.

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