On Mid-Medieval Economics, Murder Hoboing and 100gp

Emily Dresner-Thornber has put together a great post over at /project/multiplexer on economics and how murderhobing gets funded by those who issue the warrants and bounties for the various nasty jobs that adventurers take part in. She uses the example of stopping a local ogre to illustrate how the reward money for such a task is collected so that it can be given out, and then hints at the ramifications of that in the rest of the post, looking at a lot of the hidden stuff behind the scenes that the players don’t get to see (and may not even think of). It’s a great follow-up piece to yesterday’s about gold in campaigns from Vincent Florio.

The content of Emily’s original post also gives a LOT of fodder for future adventures for your players, so if you’re a GM, you should take some time to read through the post. There’s some really interesting elements in there that roll into mid-to-high level/name level play especially as players get more and more powerful, and can be used as “agents” for others. Great stuff.

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