Project on the Borderlands crowdsourcing content

Erin Smale is crowdsourcing content for the Project on the Borderlands over at The idea behind it is to extend the incredibly popular module B2 Keep on the Borderlands [AL] by:

“expand[ing] the classic B2 module into an entire campaign. Such a game starts with B2 as written, but contains enough to take PCs beyond Moldvay Basic and into the Cook/Marsh Expert rules. With a little tweaking, B2 could form the basis for an entire campaign that carries characters from 1st through Name level. Maybe a little bit beyond.

Expansion means more wilderness encounters, more detail about the Keep itself, and new adventuring opportunities within the limited space that Gary Gygax described for our introductory gaming pleasure back in 1981. (And you should know that, to me, B2 was a book–a novel–not just a game module. Embrace that spirit, folks).”

If this sounds like something you’re interested in taking part in, you might want to pop along to Erin’s post at the above site and follow the steps to get involved.

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