Draconic Magazine launched

Venger Satanis has launched his online magazine Draconic Magazine. At the site there are a number of posts, including a random table, a creature for your games, a checklist for you to use when trying to get a game going, as well as a review of the new 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons. Venger announced the launch of the new site on his blog, but says the following about the inbound content:

However, just because the site’s up and running doesn’t mean everything is in its place. There are plenty of gaps in content, the subscription + bonus content / paypal thing isn’t finished, and you might notice a glitch or two. Hey, it’s a brand new website. With your input (and contributions, hopefully), Draconic Magazine will keep evolving.

Even though I’m calling it a “magazine”, content won’t come monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or yearly, and there are no “issues”. Eventually, my goal is to have something new up on the site at least 3 times a week. Speaking of content – Draconic is focused on tabletop fantasy RPGs, but that won’t stop us from publishing articles about space opera, post-apocalyptic wastelands, and supernatural horror. Want to see something in particular? Tell us what you want!

From the above looks like some of the content may end up being behind a paywall, and content will published infrequently on the site. The site is also looking for contributors too, as stated on their Contact Us page:

Speaking of submitting an article: You own the content. I only ask for 3 months grace period before you, the author, re-publish it. At which point, it would be nice to receive a mention of where it was originally published. If Draconic Magazine re-publishes content in a commercial form (PDF or print for sale), the original author will receive credit and a portion of the profits equal to the percentage of author’s content within the entire manuscript.

It’s always good to have more content within the community to share and I’m looking forward to seeing how this new site grows and develops.

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