Table Tuesday: Islands You Don’t Want To Visit

It’s another Table Tuesday!  Sea and ocean travel is something that every party must take part in at some point. There’s always a chance that you might end up discovering a new island or location. Here are some you probably don’t want to find…

Table 6: Islands You Don’t Want To Visit

Roll Result
1 The island seems to be quite real, but is in fact illusionary if looked at. The only way to traverse it is to do so with vision blocked such as having eyes closed. Failure to do so causes anyone to fall into the empty space where the physical island is normally located. Closing the eyes while falling causes the island to become non-illusionary, trapping anyone inside real physical space and killing them immediately.
2 The island contains nothing but hundreds of moai statues, exposed from the waist up. At night, the statues climb out of the earth and perform fertility rituals. After they do so, they break apart explosively, with the shards of the statues falling all over the island. Those that fall in the open holes in the island grow again into new statues by the following morning.
3 An island full of sentient mutant humanoid fruits and vegetables who have devolved into barbaric tribalism and wage war upon each other through the use of complex gastronowar.
4 The island is made of candied delights. Eating any of the candied bits of the island makes the eater want to fall asleep immediately. When they awake, they want to eat another piece of the island and it gets harder and harder to stop doing so with every sleep. Scattered throughout are people who have come to island and are continually eating and falling asleep.
5 There is nothing of consequence on this island apart from a single large portal made of rune-inscribed stones. The runes are otherworldly and ethereal. Approaching the portal causes the portal to flare into life. Entering the portal allows travel to a parallel version of the original reality where 1 subtle thing about the world is changed. Going backwards through the portal has the same effect as going forwards through it, and there is no way to undo the changes.
6 This island contains a giant reef circling a deep blue sink hole. Those who go swimming in the sink hole feel an instant calm and wish to stay in the water. Those who stay in too long dive deeper and deeper until they can’t return to the surface.
7 The island contains hundreds of warriors that look similar apart from dressing in opposing red or blue clothes/armor and who wield advanced weaponry. When one of them is killed, they disappear to reappear elsewhere on the islands. The warriors will take ignore anyone not in the opposing colors unless attacked. Anyone killed on the island is resurrected with full health at a “spawn point” sometimes far away from where they die.
8 This island is made up of 81 square mile sections that continually shift and rearrange position every 1d6 days. The internal sections of the island rearrange in all directions, while the border of the island continues to maintain a coastline. The flora and fauna on the island have adapted to this and grow inside the distinct almost perfect demarcation lines of each of the sections of the island.

Look out for a new table next week.

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