Classless D&D-alike Play

Crunk Posby from The Grue Next Door has put together a set of house rules to allow for classless play in D&D-alikes. Although the original post is focused on Lamentations of the Flame Princess [AL] as the system, it’s very easy to convert it through to other systems. Crunk has also supplied a new character sheet for use with these house rules, as well as new XP leveling system for characters which is standardized and allows for players to pick and choose what bonuses they get when they level up. The variations in ability to cast spells are provided through Title paths, which swap in/out various magic styles, and special abilities are those that can be used to differentiate individual characters from each other. Overall, it’s a pretty clever way to handle a single streamlined approach to using a single character class and still allow a lot of variation and flexibility in character creation for players. A bonus is the critical hits table and chart as referenced on the character sheet below.

Here’s the full character sheet:

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