DCC RPG Revised Reference Sheets in Print and PDF

Jeremy Deram has put together a revised version of his DCC RPG Reference sheets, complete with internal artwork from Stefan Poag and a new external wraparound piece of cover art by Doug Kovacs. Like previous versions, it’s been released in PDF but is also now available in print for $6.66 from Lulu; now you don’t have to create your own booklets for use at the table.

I’ve been using a earlier version of this document not only for DCC RPG [AL] but for other games as well (particularly the critical and fumble tables), and it’s the ideal reference for both GM and players to have at the table during play. It reduces the need to have too many copies of the huge DCC RPG tome at the table (unless you’re a spellcaster, of course), and is both practical and utilitarian. As far as I’m concerned, every table running DCC RPG should have at least two copies of this during the running of games.

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