The City Within The Song in Wampus Country

Erik Jensen has been creating content for and running Wampus Country for a long time over at his Wampus Country blog, and has written another excellent piece of setting backdrop relating to magic called The City Within The Song, one of the Three Cities of Secrets. The article is written almost gazetteer-style and if you’re not familiar with Erik’s material and Wampus, it gives an insight into the strangeness and awesomeness that is the setting. What’s even more fantastic is that a lot of content is driven by suggestions from the group as well as what I like to describe as Erik’s Second Brain.

Every time Erik posts something for Wampus it makes me pine to get back into my own world setting work in progress, because what he writes is just so damn inspiring and full of great content. One of these I hope to be able to get into one of Erik’s sessions as well just so I can experience the world setting for myself first-hand.

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