Wandering Wednesday: Elak

Dank caves are often filled with myriad types of life rarely seen on the surface world. Among these are the elak, a fungal-like starfish-shaped creature whose origins are lost to time, but that now can be found throughout the world wherever there is darkness, water, minerals, and metals. Elak start at only a few inches in size, but the largest can grow to over 3 foot in diameter and are terrifying to behold when they attack. While slow-moving, they can launch themselves into the air in an attempt to latch onto other creatures or to move quickly from place to place, holding themselves in position through a combination of small suckers on their underbody and a strange goopy glue-like substance that can be turned acidic. They also have the ability to see in almost complete darkness. Although they start off their lives as tiny translucent bulbs, as they feed upon the waters, minerals, and metals in their environment, they take on the hues of these, leading to a diverse range of colors between different colonies. This makes them incredibly valuable as indicators to miners and others with respect to the types of precious metals or minerals that may be found underground.


Alignment: Neutral
No. Encountered: 6d10
Move: 40′ (10′), leap 80′ (20′)
Level Dice:  1d4 hp, 1-3
Armor Class: 8 [11] and -1 [+1] for each full hit dice
Attacks: Acid (see below)
Special Attacks: See below
Save: F0
Special Abilities: See below
Loot: See below

Special Movement: Elak can launch themselves about 20 feet in the air from any position. They use this to attach themselves to other creatures passing by so that they can migrate. The mucus in their underbody allws them to attach to other objects and hold fast.

Special Attacks: The goop that an elak emits to attach to objects, and eat into minerals, metals, and organic material is acidic and does 1 point of damage  per level dice on contact with bare skin every round. It also erodes metals, minerals, leather, wood, and other non-magical materials with enough time. Elak of 2 hit dice or more can also grapple and wrap themselves around humanoid targets, making it more difficult to remove them. They have an effective STR of 16 when they do this.

Once per combat, an elak can cast a bloom, causing a burst of fungal spores to emanate within a 5′ radius from it. Anyone caught in this bloom must make a Save vs. Poison or take 1d6 damage each round spores surround them. A save causes half damage. Elak colonies often protect themselves by waiting until enemies are deep within a colony and then causing blooms to occur, catching and suffocating them with spores.

Special Abilities: None

Loot: The acid an elak produces is highly prized by thieves and others who use it to help disable locks. Because elak collect metals, colonies are often harvested when they are discovered with precious metals in their bodies, often yielding anything from 10-1000gp per colony.


Disclaimer:  The elak is one of many creatures that will appear in a future product released by InfiniBadger Press. It is not currently open content.

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