The Curse of Cragbridge newly released PWYW

Paul Wolfe of Mystic Bull Games has released a Labyrinth Lord-compatible adventure for levels 1-3 called The Curse of Cragbridge as a PWYW product. This 36 page adventure comes in three formats with the one purchase: a standard pdf, a two page spread, and a booklet format for printing. It’s available via both DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL].

Bored of dungeons? Want a reverse dungeon? What could be better than a haunted tower that causes people to go missing within it and is loaded with treasure:

For five hundred years, Cragbridge has stood abandoned and cursed. Within lurk the haunts and spirits of those that served Lord and Lady Etheril. Some of these ghosts inhabit the forms of strange insect creatures, while others guard tombs deep beneath the shattered bridge tower.

Recently, the good knight Sir Dougal Skavok disappeared in the ruins, and when the search party returned, they too were missing a few members. But, they carried strange treasures found there: coins marked with a double-headed raven, gemstones of great value, and other ornate and gilded items. They also spoke of the curses and haunts that lurk under the ruins of Cragbridge!


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