Tenkar & The Badger Hangout On Air Live Aug 10th with eXtra-Dimensional Publishing

As announced on Tenkar’s Tavern, the Tenkar & The Badger podcast are doing a special Hangout On Air on Sunday Aug 10 with David Wilson Brown of eXtra-Dimensional Publishing. The Hangout will be running from 3pm Eastern Daylight Time for at least an hour, and we will be talking about the recently released Adventures in the East Mark gaming product. David and eXtra-Dimensional Publishing are giving away some prizes for those who attend live, including a full box set of the game and some digital codes.

If you have questions you’d like to see covered, you can post them here, or over at the corresponding post on TavernRadio.com, or in the post in the main Google+ community. The more questions we get from others means the less we have to make up ourselves!

The Hangout can be found here, and the WOSR 74.0 Tavern Radio community on Google+ can be found here.

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