‘Eavy Metal Special: White Dwarf 122 via Realm of Chaos 80s

Realm of Chaos 80s takes a look back at White Dwarf issue number #122. At this point in the magazine’s history, there were regular articles on how to paint a wide range of miniatures, with a focus on those that were just released or coming up for release.  It’s pretty cool to look back almost 25 years and see what miniature gaming was like back then (when I was really into it) and reminisce.

According to the Lexicanum, the rest of this issue contained articles for Warhammer Fantasy Battles as well as W40K Epic. At this point, I personally had stopped by the magazine as it had become little more than a catalog and miniatures product and the days of it providing RPG content for Games Workshop, never mind third party publisher products, were gone. Today, there still hasn’t been a magazine product like those early White Dwarf magazines (up to not long after issue 100). While Gygax Magazine is trying to hook into those that lament the passing of Dragon, who is willing to pick up the torch for White Dwarf?

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