Flash sale: d30 DM Companion and Sandbox Companion PDFs until Aug 3

New Big Dragon Games Unlimited is having a flash sale via OneBookShelf until Sunday 3rd August on two of the best GM tools that you can have in your toolkit. The d30 DM Companion [AL] ($2.00)  is chock-full of tables that a DM/GM can use to help run games, map settings, and roll random monsters. The D30 Sandbox Companion [AL] ($3.95) allows you to not only generate locations to adventure, but the adventures themselves, and everything else needed for a world that needs explored. Together these books give you an incredible amount of flexibility to create and populate worlds for years to come. I’m currently using them to help generate a lot of different content that will end up being published for others to use. That’s how good these products are. A total of $5.95, or less than One Chipotle (my standard unit of cost appraisal comparison) is an absolute steal for these.

If you want print versions as well, they’re available via Lulu, where you can use the code LJSD14 to get free shipping for mail shipping, or 50% off ground shipping.

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