Tenkar & The Badger Episode 1 is currently cooking

Last night, Erik Tenkar and I recorded the first episode of the Tenkar & The Badger podcast with our first guest, Matt Finch. Matt was a fantastic guest and put up with the foibles of two new podcasters still getting used their schtick and getting their processes and tech down. The episode is currently cooking and should be ready for release on August 1st*, on the new website that we have just for this podcast – we’ll announce more details about the website when it’s more than just a parked domain. If you’re on G+, then you can check out the WOSR 74.0 Tavern Radio Community there, where you’ll find cool people and Tenkar and I hanging out.

While you wait for the episode to come to the boil, why not check out the Kickstarter that Necromancer Games are currently running. There are three books that are being created – a book of spells, an adventure book, and a book of monsters – but not just to be 5th Edition compatible. The plan is to make Swords & Wizardry and Pathfinder versions of these as well, and everyone needs more monster books, right?

*Yes, there are bloopers. And we’ll probably be making them available…

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