Today is Gary Gygax Day

Today, July 27th, has been set aside as Gary Gygax Day. Originally nominated by the Knights of the Spidery Basement, this day is used to celebrate Gary’s birthday and his contributions to our hobby. Many groups follow various rituals or find some way to toast him, and there have been many stories written by the popular press about the day such as Wired,, and others. Many blogs in the past have celebrated this day as well, including the Advanced Dungeon and Parenting blog, which wrote a great post back in 2012 about a road trip to visit Gary’s stomping grounds.  There’s also an Facebook Group for the day.

Another way that Gary is being remembered is through the Gygax Memorial Fund, which is attempting to get a memorial raised to him in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Wizards of the Coast also released premium reprints of older D&D products with some of the proceeds going towards the Memorial Fund.

Without taking away from today, the RPG community is now at the point we’re starting to suffer the loss of many luminaries from the early days of the hobby. Earlier this year, the prolific Aaron Allston, who I regret today not being able to meet in person (like Gary and Dave Arneson), passed away at a convention. Aaron’s website is still live, but is an eerie spectre remaining behind. Jim Ward recently suffered from a heart attack and was hospitalized as we reported on this site, and while he is recovering, heart attacks are pretty major life events.

So, today, or this week, put a little Gary in your game, or raise a glass to him. Remember what he and others gave us, and enjoy it.

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