Read An RPG Book in Public Week 2: Jul 27-Aug 2

Today begins the second Read An RPG Book in Public Week of the year. This great idea was started by Bill Walton of The Escapist advocacy blog a number of years ago and encourages people to not only get out in public reading RPG products, but to take pictures of it happening and share them on social media.  So, if you feel so inclined, take a picture of yourself reading an RPG in public and post it on your social network of choice with the hashtag #readrpgs and celebrate being part of the great community of RPG readers. Having a huge OSR presence in among the social media mix for this week would be fantastic!

Here’s a pic mix from a few years ago of various people reading (including a pic of me in there):

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  1. Moe Tousignant July 27, 2014