Tables for making Striga (Witches)

Erik Jensen has made a great set of tables for creating Striga, or witches, for your games. The tables allow help you generate quite a range of types, and is especially good if you plan on running a game set the same type of Transylvanian/Hammer Horror type settings of The Witcher, the new Hansel & Gretel movie, or the DCC RPG Transylvanian Adventures [AL].

Using the tables, I just rolled up Meemaw Dung, who suffered the unrequited love of a young farmer and now metes out punishment by plaguing livestock in the area. She has green skin, which helps provide her camouflage in the fields as she lies among the livestock slowly poisoning them with her presence, and dresses in the carcasses of some of the dead animals she has taken. Now to add some stats and throw this fine creation at some player characters…

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