The Glaistig, a Scottish monster for your game

Johua de Santo has written up a creature of Scottish legend called the Glaistig for both Swords & Wizardry and D&D Next/5e. As a Scot myself, I’m always picking from Scottish and Celtic legends to introduce unique or interesting elements to my games, as our legends are full of variants on themes that add unique twists to creatures that often seem similar but turn out to very different from each other (and often very deadly!). The version of the glaistig that Johua presents is a tough and dark critter, with the always controversial level drain attack, that would make for an ideal challenge for your higher level players.

Personally, I’d remove the level drain from the creature and change it to some sort of paralyzation as I always feel that level drain is a bit of a stick in the eye with an arbalest bolt unless there’s some way to quest to return the lost levels.

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